If a search engine can giveaway email accounts, then that search engine site is for a long term. This is one of the most important feature that determines if the search engine site is here to stay for good or not. This is one of the main reasons why google is beta testing their own email service which is Gmail. The best part of Gmail is that it is free. With Gmail, google is definitely here to stay and it is trully one of the best search engine sites. The free Gmail is just in Beta mode, if you get a mail inviting you to sign up to get a complementary account, then you will be enjoying all the features of an ubiquitous Gmail.


Compared to other search engines and email service provider like Yahoo and MSN, google has a more liberal approach on the services that they can give you. It can provide you with a 1000 MB storage. This is a very wonderful feature because you do not have to worry about your storage space anymore. If you are too busy to erase the files that you do not need, then it would be alright because the storage of Gmail is very huge. All the messages you have sent and the replies you receive will all be displayed in your Gmail account. You can also search for the messages you have sent and received in the past. Google aims to give you he flexibility you need for your email services. This way, they can have the loyalty of the customer, that he or she will only use Gmail or Google. Google also have an anti-Spam product, this way you can avoid unsolicited mails. There are a lot more features that Gmail can provide you to make your emailing activities easier and faster.

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If you want to keep up with the news and the current event in your community and the whole world through the contemporary way of communication which is the Internet, then you must defiunitely have an Email Address. Gmail is one of the best emeil service provider in the Internet. It used to be an invitation-only, but now everyone can have an Email Adress with Gmail There are a lot of benefits and features you can enjoy if you have your own Gmail Email Address.


Here are easy steps you can follow to have your own Gmail acount. First, you have to go to the Gmail homepage. Then, you must clisk the “sign up fpr Gmail” link. This can be found in the bottom right of the screen. Answer the fill up form that will appear after clicking the link. Then choose a username and a password. Fill out the necessary verification. After that, if you are already verified, you can now use your Gmail Account.